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Nimble-Tek is an independent consultancy firm offering expert services in Information Management and Infrastructure Management.

With offices in the US, we'll soon be in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda and South Africa!

Analytics fueled Banking, now that's sure to make your competitors run scared.

Nimble-Tek on Banking and Consumer Analytics.

Analytics, predictive analytics, customer segmentation, cross selling, "critical success factors". Customer behavior and profitability analysis and much more...

CHANGE and The Affordable Care Act:

Nimble-Tek CEO discusses ACA and its implication in the IM space.

CMS Meaningful Use Stage 2 EHR Challenges plus more!

Are you in HealthCare? Is Clinical Analytics on your horizon?

Nimble-Tek on Clinical Analytics.

Decision Support Systems have been around for some time now. So we could call it Clinical Decision Support and the systems deployed - CDSS). Let us show you how to unlock your data to leverage CDSS and utilize outcomes based medicine.

Oil & Gas and BI

Nimble-Tek on Oil and Gas.

Process and technology improvements for competitive advantage.

This business domain seeks to manage risk, optimize exploration and production, assess and enhance data quality, forecast demand...

Is your ERP, CRM, HR, ... Project behind schedule?

Nimble-Tek can get you back on track.

We have extensive experience managing Projects on time and within budget.

Ask our sales associate about knowledge transfer while we're getting the project back on track.

Give the business what it needs not what it wants?

At Nimble-Tek we're business savvy, not just technology experts.

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses" Henry Ford.

We have domain expertise. Ask our sales associate for more information.

Is your Business Continuity Plan up to snuff?

Nimble-Tek can help you assess your ability to recover your business.

No one wants a disaster. Like it or not, though, from "Mother Nature" to terrorism, opportunities are out there..

We have domain expertise. Ask our sales associate for more information.

Anaytics: A statistician's dream?

Data Mining, demystified?

Nimble-Tek brings clarity to the table.

Value proposition

Information sourced from an estimated 2 billion people on the web with a trillion connected objects from cars to appliances to ... (source IBM). Your data wherever and whenever you need it, delivered on time to meet your business goals, with quality, security, and appropriate format. We're here to help, let us work with you. Analytics, Business Intelligence, Master Data Management, Data Warehouse and much more.

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The Nimble-Tek Videos:
Looking for Clarity?

At Nimble-Tek we strive to demistify IT and make it more manageable. The more self-serve we make IT and infrastructure, the more IT's adoption. Clarify, simplify, get out of the way.
It takes leadership, vision, strategic approaches, and a good dose of IT alignment with business strategies to make IT happen.

Job Search?

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